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The phrase “one size fits all” doesn’t apply when it comes to homeowners insurance. That is why Columbus, Ohio-based Grange Insurance is embracing its customers’ urges to “special order” with even more homeowners insurance options. Instead of picking from a list of pre-determined policies, Ohio and Georgia Grange policyholders can work with their independent agents to hand-pick coverage options and create a homeowners insurance policy to fit their individual needs and budgets.   How does it work? Agents utilize an interactive program that allows them to input various personal data points about their customers including name, address and current coverage limits. The program then returns not only a quote for the factors entered, but also two additional quotes that provide other options to the policyholder. What does it mean? After the quotes are provided, policyholders can talk with agents about how they can adjust coverages and deductibles, which impact their premiums and their budgets. The new homeowners options offer more customized coverage choices for a variety of different items, such as:

  • Other structures, like outbuildings and detached garages
  • Personal property
  • Loss of use, which covers living expenses like meals and hotels while your home is being repaired
  • Personal liability
  • Water back up
  • Identity theft coverage

In addition to these customized options, policyholders also have the choice to add a wind/hail deductible, select an Actual Cash Value (ACV) Roof endorsement or increase their deductibles to reduce their premiums. “We piloted this program in Georgia and found people embraced Actual Cash Value Roof replacement at a 17 percent higher rate than Grange policyholders in other states,” said John Ammendola, president of personal lines for Grange Insurance. “Actual Cash Value Roof is coverage provided to replace a damaged roof when you factor in its age and condition, rather than the price of a brand new roof. This can save people a lot on premiums, and was just one example of customers appreciating the option to choose.”

During the Georgia pilot, Grange also saw a 182 percent increase over Grange policyholders in the rest of the country in choosing deductibles higher than $2,500, providing customers with another opportunity to lower their premium costs. “These days everyone is on a budget. But with these new homeowners quote options, our agents have the ability to counsel their customers on the best type of policy to fit their insurance needs,” said Ammendola.   Grange is also planning to roll out this new option in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin later this year. For more information about Grange’s homeowners policy options and its additional products, visit

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