Stuffing You With Thanksgiving Safety Tips


Thanksgiving is almost here and we are preparing for a great celebration. With all the fuss over buying and preparing the food, we often overlook simple actions that make the holiday safer for everyone. Remember these Thanksgiving safety tips as you prepare for the holiday.

Food Preparation

On Thanksgiving, the number of cooking fires nearly doubles*. When making the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, or any other traditional Thanksgiving dish, be sure to stay in the kitchen with a close watch on the food. Check the food frequently to make sure it doesn’t burn. Keep flammable objects, including shirtsleeves, away from the stove top or other hot cooking surfaces. By taking precaution and staying alert, the risk of a house fire is much lower.

Undercooked or Spoiled Food

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on food. This holiday can easily turn sour if the food is not cooked properly. Check to make sure you are cooking each food item for the correct amount of time. Use a meat thermometer to ensure your turkey is cooked through. If there is any chance of spoilage, discard the item and remember to put leftovers away quickly after dinner. Better safe than sorry!

Turkey Fryers

Many people have a tradition of frying their turkey. If you are one of them, make sure that your fryer is outdoors. Clear the area and keep the fryer a safe distance from walls, fences, wood decks, r other flammable surfaces. Make sure the turkey is dry and the fryer is away from moisture to keep the hot oil from splattering. The steam from the fryer is hot enough to cause serious burns. Keep in mind that there is an active flame beneath the fryer. This may have the potential for disaster on a busy holiday with children running and playing or intrigued with a pretty colored flame burning at their lever, so adult supervision is a must. Whether you fry the turkey or cook it in an oven, there always needs to be someone nearby.

Child Safety

A great part of the holidays is being able to see one’s young cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. While the kids are cute, they also pose safety risks in the kitchen. Keep knives, matches, and other dangerous items out of the reach of children. Designate a kid-free zone around the stove or cooking area. This will keep them from touching a hot surface or leaving toys around that the cook could trip over. Keep the kids a safe distance from hot foods or liquids that could burn them. By using preventative measures, the children will make Thanksgiving memories and stay safe in the process.

Pet Safety

While we fill ourselves with an abundance of delicious food, it is tempting to feed our pets table scraps. A few small pieces of turkey or a bite of pumpkin pie generally won’t be a problem. However, feeding your pet an entire Thanksgiving meal can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, or pancreatitis. Do not feed your pets any raw or undercooked turkey or anything including raw eggs. Raw meat and eggs could contain salmonella, which could cause food poisoning. Let your pet in on the celebration, but for the sake of its health, don’t let your pet overdo it on the goodies!

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