Why Pizza Delivery Drivers “Knead” Special Coverage

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There are two broad categories of auto insurance: personal and business. Most people are fairly familiar with personal auto insurance. It covers the drivers and cars under one household. Business auto insurance is fairly similar. It covers the drivers and cars used by a business. However, there are issues with overlap. Consider the average pizza delivery driver. You are probably thinking about a teenager with a pizza delivery sign on his used car. If a person is driving their personal car for business use and they get in an accident, will it go under a personal or business policy?

When a personal vehicle is used for business, it must be covered under a business policy. However, that does not necessarily mean the business itself is on the hook for its drivers. There are many delivery services that require the driver to properly cover their own vehicle. That means the driver needs their own business auto policy to cover the car they will be using. While that might be included in their employment contract, it is not always explained.

There is an added burden on delivery drivers to insure their cars for business use. However, sometimes this simply isn’t feasible for delivery drivers. Many pizza delivery drivers are teenagers who need to make extra money. Teenagers are statistically the most dangerous driving group, so naturally they have the highest rates for insurance. Using a car for business use means that they are driving more frequently and sometimes for farther distances than normal. This increases their risk of an accident occurring. Business policies for individual delivery drivers can be immensely higher than personal policies. However, if the driver does not have this type of insurance and they get in an accident while on the job, their personal insurance will not cover any of it.

If you are a delivery driver or use your car for extensive business use, you might be in need of a business auto policy. Call us, email us, or use our website to get a quote. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page.

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